Summer school The lost world of ancient Crete (1-10 July 2019)


The Institute for Mediterranean Studies organises a ten-day summer school on the civilization of ancient Crete. Its aim is to explore ancient Cretan history, archaeology and culture in a long-term perspective and examine how Crete illuminates wider trends in ancient history, culture and archaeology, as well as how Cretan communities differed both between themselves and in relation to the rest of the Greek and the wider Mediterranean world. The trips to archaeological sites and museums will enable participants to gain a first-hand experience of Cretan topography and the Cretan material world and contextualise the classes based on literary sources and inscriptions.

Themes explored: politics and warfare; the development of institutions and laws; writing systems and their uses; economic and social conditions; sexuality and gender; religion; material and visual culture; the image of Crete and Cretans in ancient Greek literature.

Organising Committee: Kostas Vlassopoulos (University of Crete, Department of History and Archaeology) - Melina Tamiolaki (University of Crete, Department of Philology)

For further information and applications, please visit the website at