Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Dimitra Melissaropoulou

Dept. of Italian Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Department of Linguistics

Dimitra Melissaropoulou is a Professor of Linguistics at the Department of Italian Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She obtained her PhD degree in 2007, University of Patras (with a scholarship HERAKLEITOS funded by the European Science Foundation and the Greek Ministry of Education, under the supervision of Prof. Angela Ralli) and then awarded a one-year Post-doctoral Scholarship on variation in word formation (by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation). Her research interests focus on the fields of morphology, language variation and change, dialectology, dialectal typology, and language contact. As a member of the Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects at the University of Patras, her experience also involves participation, as a post-doctoral fellow, in the planning and implementation of a significant number of research projects on dialect documentation, description, and analysis. Her publications address issues on the diachronic and synchronic study of Modern Greek dialects and Standard Modern Greek, based both on fieldwork and written sources. The focus of her research has been on the study of language variation and change and language contact emphasizing the morphological processes of diminution and augmentation, the restructuring of nominal inflection, the integration of nominal and verbal loans, the combinability of derivational suffixes, the notions of complexification vs. simplification in grammar, comparative structures, and the study of perfective structures in Modern Greek Dialects.

The last three years, she coordinated the DiCaDLanD research project (funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation), aiming at the Digitization of the Cappadocian Dialectal Landscape with two main deliverables: the Historical Lexicon and Linguistic Atlas of  . Within this frame the last few years, her research interests center around the application of quantitative dialectological, i.e., dialectometric approaches to the study of linguistic diversity not only for the calculation of purely linguistic and/or geographical distances and their correlation but also regarding the consideration of extra-linguistic parameters. 

Selected Publications

Melissaropoulou, D. 2024. Γλωσσικός Άτλαντας των διαλεκτικών ποικιλιών της Καππαδοκίας [The Linguistic Atlas of Cappadocian Dialects, 5 volumes]. Athens: Academy of Athens.

Bompolas, S. & D. Melissaropoulou. 2023b. A dialectometric approach to inner Asia Minor Greek: comparisons and associations between linguistic levels. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, fqad039.

Melissaropoulou, D. 2023. Greek.  In L. Körtvélyessy (ed.), Onomatopoeia in the world languages. Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics (CHL) series. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Melissaropoulou, D. 2022. Change in morphological complexity in the contact perspective: evidence from Cappadocian Greek word formation. LACUS FORUM 47.

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