Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Pavlos Pavlidis

Associate Professor
Dept. of Biology, University of Crete
Department of Linguistics

Pavlos Pavlidis is an Associate Professor at the Biology Department of University of Crete, Greece and an affiliated researcher with the ICS-FORTH.  His group is specialized in “Evolutionary Biology and Bioinformatics” and it is a member of the “Computational Biomedicine Group (CBML)” of ICS. Pavlos completed his Ph.D. in the group of Prof. Wolfgang Stephan at Ludwig Maximilians Univeristy in Munich. His research expertise is in the discipline of Evolutionary Biology, in particular Population Genetics. He is also interested in applications of Bioinformatics in Molecular Biology, in particular regulation of gene expression. Pavlos has collaborated with researchers in various fields in the intersection of Computer Science and Biology, for example, motif detection in biological sequences, detection of functionally important amino acids in 3D Protein Structures, application of machine learning techniques in biology, implementation of high-performance algorithms in evolutionary biology. In Evolutionary Biology, his main scientific interest is in the area of Population Genetics. In particular, he is investigating how to disentangle the various evolutionary processes that take place during the evolution of a population or a species.