Cash prize announcement for the candidate who will be ranked first for admission to the M.A. Program "Ottoman History"

The M.A. Program in Ottoman History that the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete organizes in partnership with the Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH, announces that it will award a cash prize of 2,000 euros to the candidate whom the Admissions Committee will rank first in the admissions process. The prize will be paid in two instalments of 1,000 euros each. The first instalment will be paid in autumn 2024. The second instalment will be paid in autumn 2025, on condition that the award holder has successfully completed all their first-year seminars and courses by then.

The deadline for applications for admission to the Program is May 20, 2024.
The call for applications is available at the following link:

It is also noted that candidates selected for admission to the Program may be eligible to apply to the University of Crete for free accommodation and meals based on income and other criteria; applications may be submitted after the registration of new students in the Department of History and Archaeology. Relevant information may be found on the website of the Office of Student Affairs, the English version of which is unfortunately incomplete: