Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Nasos Argyriou

Assistant researcher
Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment

Dr Athanasios Argyriou is a Assistant Researcher at the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (IMS) -FORTH. He was granted his PhD from the University of Portsmouth, UK, in 2012. His research focuses on geoinformatics applications (GIS / Remote Sensing / Geophysics) on natural hazard assessment, geomorphometrics, land use and land cover changes, urban sprawl, preservation of cultural heritage, historical mapping and archaeological landscape. He has 18 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and international conferences. He has participated in various international and domestic projects with his main interests focusing on: (a) earth and environmental sciences; b) providing geo-information solutions in environmental sciences, disaster reduction from natural disasters, exploration of mineral resources and archaeological problems; and (c) the application of geophysical prospections on the various aspects of his research interests.

Selected Publications